Drones on Demand (DoD) The „real“ thing

In my book „Drones as a Service“ I introduce the term „Drone on Demand“ (DoD) as a general term that stands for the provision ov UAV’s to a customer. In contrast, the term DaaS is more specific as it stands for a standardized delivery of UAV services via UAVs in the form of an IT Service provision where a central control centre operates different sets/squad of UAVs at different sites of operations.

However, the term Drone on demand DoD has been „hijacked“ by the military – th US army who runs a program referred to as the „Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments“ (AEWE). They use the term „Drone on Demand“ in its literal way: producing single drones on demand using 3D-printers.

What an elegant way to play bullshit bingo, bringing 3D-print and drones together!!!

However, I like the idea to just print rotors; fuselages etc. for different purposes and integrate them with standardized electronic parts.

For more info, please see: 3-D Printed Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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