Reality catches up with my book …

… „Drones as a Service“: In the form of the DARPA project/program “OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics” (OFFSET)

The objective is to control a swarm (more than hundred) of combat drones in real time!
As you see in the DARPA solution (DARPA-OFFSET-program), it aspires on human controllers heavily supported by artificial intelligence, enabling each individual human in the loop (HITL) to take care of a great number of drones.
This is the next step in the arms race between global players who operate drones for military purposes abroad.
The DARPA solution does not re-invent the wheel but is based on the basic swarm principles as described in my book.
Another aspect to simplify the handling of drone swarm is to put a weight on gamification. Morover, the DARPA not only aims for airborne solution but also for ground-based solutions.

I have to admit – I feel proven ….

Lars Dibbern, in December 2016

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