DevOps: Expectations and Promises

DevOps and Continuous Delivery eventually bring IT industry nearer to its promises:

  • Make the software factory become true.
  • produce software in a production chain that allows bringing out software products

When adopting DevOps within IT Service Providers, this does not take place on the green field, but on the ground of reality in mature organizations, often structured according to best practices and processes described in ITIL.

Especially for this kind of companies DevOps in combination with Continuous Delivery offers the opportunity of getting rid of incapable and inefficient offshoring models that stand for low hourly rates but involve huge efforts and frictional losses due to different culture and communication practices.

Further opportunities offered by DevOps / Continuous Delivery are:

  1. Increase development speed and productivity
  2. Shortened time-to-market
  3. Increased quality
  4. Savings in developer capacities
  5. with established principles and processes and structured IT service organizations.

Inevitably for the adoption of DevOps and Continuous Delivery is a well-elaborated DevOps strategy. Such a strategy should take both perspectives into account: That of the software department and that of the operations department.

A DevOps strategy should focus on the automation of rollout and test activities. This is to achieve the utilization of the developers with actual development tasks.

Another great hope is the reduction of testers, which up to now have been dealing with ever-returning routine test tasks. In the meantime, less highly qualified test engineers will be involved in automating the test sequences.

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