The colour of DevOps & Continuous Delivery

The color of Continuous Delivery

The color of DevOps

A bad joke – hoping that Scott Adams might forgive me the exploitation of his art… However, this just shows how long we remember his wonderful comic strips. This strip that I slightly defamiliarized with regard to Continuous Delivery, dates to the end of 1995. Today, it is legend and its usage in this blog shows how little the mechanisms in the IT industry has changed for 22 years. It always goes to a large extent around people and fashions.

In principle, I have only exchanged the concept of the database by that of the „Continuous Delivery Pipeline“. Even the last comment of the „Pointy haired boss“ I left as much as the original.

⇒ Are there any suggestions for a better comment from the boss?

There is, however, a big difference between original and defamiliarization. The „Dilbert“-Strip refers to a company that wants to build an SQL database and offer it as a product on the market. A continuous delivery pipeline for complex products, as developed and operated by IT service providers today, can hardly be marketed as a product. Although there are many products available from Amazon, Microsoft and Google that could be of help for Continuous Delivery (see „Die Zukunft von DevOps – NoOps – Cloudframe“. These products, however, focus on certain technologies and areas, e.g. micro service-based architectures, big data processing, NoSQL-data base system etc. Moreover, there are still many questions regarding SLAs and data security.

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