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DevOps: Expectations and Promises

DevOps and Continuous Delivery eventually bring IT industry nearer to its promises: Make the software factory become true. produce software in a production chain that allows bringing out software products When adopting DevOps within...


Die Zukunft von DevOps – NoOps – Cloudframe

DevOps ist erst der Anfang Mit DevOps in Verbindung mit Continous Delivery verbinden sich viele Erwartungen und Versprechungen. Neben dem nahtlosen Übergang von der Entwicklung in den Produktivbetrieb existiert das Versprechen eines generell effizienteren...


The future of DevOps – NoOps – Cloudframe

DevOps is just the beginning DevOps and Continous Delivery combine some expectations and promises. In addition to the seamless transition from development into production, there is the promise of a generally more efficient development...