U.T.SEC 2017 – Unmanned Technologies and Security Expo & Conference in Nuremberg

Destruction can be so easy – about drones and drone defense Recently, I had the pleasure to meet with representatives from the industrial fields of safety/security and autonomous vehicles and aircraft at the U.T.SEC in Nurenberg at the begining of March 2017. In this context, the focus was on the use of drone technology, not […]

Reality catches up with my book …

… „Drones as a Service“: In the form of the DARPA project/program “OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics” (OFFSET) The objective is to control a swarm (more than hundred) of combat drones in real time! As you see in the DARPA solution (DARPA-OFFSET-program), it aspires on human controllers heavily supported by artificial intelligence, enabling each individual human in […]

First approach towards actually autonomous drone operation


Now Google or to be precise: Alphabet’s innovation lab X has started a burrito delivery using autonomous drones. Moreover, this drone operation did not happen in a private testing area but on the public campus of the Virginia Tech! Similar to the ideas presented in my book, there is no human permanently controlling every drone. […]

Drones on Demand (DoD) The „real“ thing

In my book „Drones as a Service“ I introduce the term „Drone on Demand“ (DoD) as a general term that stands for the provision ov UAV’s to a customer. In contrast, the term DaaS is more specific as it stands for a standardized delivery of UAV services via UAVs in the form of an IT […]

The development of UAV infrastructure gains speed

Today I stumbled over a company –Asylon- a startup that is going to provide the world with deployable infrastructure to support drone operations as I described in my book “Drones as a Service” (DaaS): Asylon The concrete products of Asylon are still under development but do cover some of the infrastructure components I described in […]

The future catches up with my book „Drones as a Service (DaaS)“

As I already read, Amazon applied for a patent for a multi-use docking station for drones (Multi-use UAV docking station systems and methods, Appl. No.: 14/576,082). OK – Amazon already applied for their patent in December 2014 when I started the work on this book „Drones as a Service“. Since I did not store my […]